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I read the news today, oh boy
every hour wounds, the last one kills...
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22nd-Nov-2012 09:25 pm(no subject)
Wow. So. I haven't updated my LJ in almost a year. Probably due to the fact that I'm mostly on tumblr now.

But still.

Let's see. What's happened?

Oh yeah.

I went to a Radiohead concert. And it was literally the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.

The end.
ed bb
So I haven't posted in, like, forever. Okay so more like two months. Which is practically forever in internet time. And you know what occurs to me? My journal could really use something pretty. Like, oh, just to pull an example out of thin air, Jack Huston from Boardwalk Empire. Okay, so in Boardwalk Empire he is not actually that pretty (seriously, consider yourself warned). But in real life?

Oh, the list of things I would do to him is long, nasty, and contains things that are probably illegal in some countries.

Plus, he is so good in Boardwalk Empire, if he's not at least nominated for an Emmy it will be a fucking travesty. He breaks my heart at least once an episode, I swear.
i would tap that
13th-Sep-2011 08:25 pm(no subject)

"Stay in the now, and enjoy every moment"

~ Andy Whitfield

July 17th 1972 - September 11th 2011
walking in place
20th-Aug-2011 08:22 pm - Eoin Macken appreciation post
Behold, the valedictorian of the James McAvoy Academy For Making Women Want To Jump You By Being Button Cute Adorable.


I might get.....slightly carried away under the cut....Collapse )

For the record, apparently its pronounced "Oh-in." As in "Oh! In me now please."

yeah yeah, that was dreadful. but i regret NOTHING.
ed bb

1. Apparently, war in heaven involves gratuitous upskirt shots?

2. Much as I love John Hurt, as soon as his narration kicked in I legit thought this was an episode of Merlin

3. So, Mickey Rourke, basically, is playing....Mickey Rourke? I mean, that's cool....just so long as we're all on the same page

4. Henry Cavill should probably never wear a shirt. Laws should be passed, in fact, that require him to go shirtless at all times

5. And preferably only accept roles that don't require him to wax. I am not bitter about this at all, filmmakers

6. Luke Evans, I love you, but are you really playing the beard game now that you're hot property, after being so openly gay early in your career? Son, I am disappoint. The truth is only a Google search away, do you not realise?

7. But whatever. Henry. Cavill. Shirtless. And being all broody, dirty, and sword wieldy, and incinerating my panties generally badass. Lets prioritise, people
rawr baby
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1. The way he's looking at her in this cap kills me. It keeeeeeeeeels meeeeeeee.

2. I really hope that at some point in season 2, we find out what the deal is with that leather strappy thing under his shirt. Enquiring minds and such.
ed bb
1st-Aug-2011 08:19 pm - This is the man I married
So FW and I are watching a news item on baby Tasmanian devils.

Me: Dawwww!

FW: Yeah they're cute now, wait until they get face rot and die

Me: :(

FW: Seriously, somebody needs to tell them, that's as cute as they're gonna get, they're not gonna get any better looking

Me: But can't you say that about pretty much anything? I mean, do any of us get any cuter than we were when we were babies?

FW: Well, sometimes I'm driving along and I see some teenage schoolgirls....


In other news, I got new glasses. They look bitchin.
cheers asshole
30th-Jul-2011 06:41 pm - OH. EM. GEE.

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henry approves
Well. It would appear that there are now three certainties in life. Death, taxes, and the Game of Thrones casting people getting it 100% balls-on right. Every. Single. Time.

WitnessCollapse )

Let's get happy

ed bb
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